Tile renovation and repairs


We provide an ancillary service to our core business of installing wall and floor tiles. If you have a tiled floor or wall that suffers from dirty, mouldy, cracked, chipped, loose or missing tiles, we may be able to help.

A good example of old tiling being worth the cost of renovating is the geometric flooring designs popular in buildings during the Victorian age.

Take a look at this hallway floor – too dirty – missing and broken tiles – concreted sections…..

Tile renovation in Bath and Bristol

Tile renovation in Bath and Bristol


Now compare with how it looked after we had removed the concrete, sourced and cut replacement tiles, repaired damaged and broken tiles, and finally cleaned and sealed the whole floor.

Alternatively we can restore your existing bathroom area to your own specification. In the pictures below – the wall tiles were falling off the wall due to lack of tanking in the shower area. The customer had a particular wish to re-use the hand cut cobalt blue border tiles above the bath. Once we had removed the tiles, the blue border tiles were preserved, cleaned and re-used in the newly tiled area (after we had boarded the walls with waterproof boards!)

Tile Restoration in Bath

Before Wall Tile Restoration

Tile Repair in Bath

Restored Walls Retaining Blue Border

So if you are looking to have an existing tile installation repaired, restored or renovated, please give us a call, and contact us for a  free, no obligation quote.